IEC at TNTU, working on IEEF platform understands the role of Academia and Industries in today’s changing world and necessity to connect them to fulfil each-others requirement based on “Academia-Industry Interlinked Model of Business Cooperation”. We are providing following area of cooperation with Ukraine/ India and Ukrainian/ Indian Partners.

Academic Cooperation

IEC provides a platform for our Ukrainian Partner Universities to cooperate with India and Indian/European Partner Universities as well as for Indian Partner Universities to cooperate with Ukrainian ones for joint forums, conferences, seminars, research projects, workshops, joint study programs, joint publications, training and exchanges for students, scholars and corporates etc.

Non-academic Cooperation

Direct Students admission to the Ukrainian Partner Universities to bring more effectiveness for long-term cooperation and faculty exchange programs at all educational levels through “CET- India” (Common Entrance Test on IEEF platform).

Corporate Cooperation

IEC aims to establish a new relationship between academia and industries. Under Corporate Program Partner Universities provide internships and campus jobs for their students, scholarships supported by MNCs, and training programs for students and scholars. Under this program students are also able to continue their internships with well-known Indian/ Ukrainian companies in the interest of his/her study areas.

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