Indo-European Centre (IEC) is a representative of Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF), Warsaw, Poland  at Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University (TNTU), Ternopil, Ukraine.

Indo-European Centre is the first centre  in Ukraine on IEEF platform, established at TNTU in 2019.

IEC’s purpose is creation of a unique institutional platform for academic, non-academic and industrial collaboration between Ukraine, India and EU member states, based on the Foundation’s Academia-Industry Interlinked model of Business Cooperation. It aims to support the internationalization strategy of TNTU and other Ukrainian universities and to increase the involvement of science and higher education in the economic growth of the country by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and tools to expand distant, with a highly potential markets such as India.

Primary goals of the Centre are:

  1. To identify and strengthen TNTU’s role in building new relations between academia and industries and strengthen ties between Ukraine and India.
  2. To be a unique institutional Platform at TNTU, specially for Ukraine-India, EU cooperation to foster civil society dialogue and cooperation between individuals, enterprises, scholars, research institutions, universities, GOs and NGOs.
  3. To foster opportunities for Ukrainian, Indian and other European universities for collaborative research & publications.
  4. To support and advice to the Ukrainian Universities (public & private) regarding new cooperation & research possibilities with India and Indian Universities.
  5. To meet the challenges and expectations of research scholars, students and business elites.
  6. To encourage Indian students to pursue higher education in Ukraine (at TNTU) at all level of studies- Bachelor, Master and PhDs, and provide support to the member / Partner Ukrainian Universities for recruitment of highly qualified students from Indian region (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives) through “CET-India Test”.
  7. To co-operate with local authorities, national government, universities, organizations, social & cultural organizations, individuals and legal entities in the region, country and abroad.
  8. To support the development and promotion of culture, arts and heritage for Ukraine in India, and India in Ukraine / Europe.
  9. To create a provision of public awareness of the contemporary Indo-Ukrainian (Indian and Ukrainian) art collections.
  10. To provide research and training programs for industries, scholars and staffs as per requirement of internationalization of higher education and industries.