Ukraine is a country worth to be discovered

Some facts:

  1. It is the largest country in Europe and the second largest on the continent after Russia and is about twice the size of Italy.
  2. It borders with the European Union member-states: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and also Moldova, Belarus, Russian Federation.
  3. Geographical centre of Europe is in the small city of Rakhiv.
  4. Ukraine has coastline at the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south.
  5. It has mountain ranges – the Carpathian mountain are good for skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting.
  6. Within its large borders, Ukraine has seven World Heritage Sites.
  7. The first state constitution in Europe was created by a Ukrainian politician Pylyp Orlyk in 1710. For example, U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1787 and French and Polish in 1791.
  8. Ukraine is among most educated nations in the world. Ukraine stands 4th in the world in terms of most educated population. 99,4 % of Ukrainians aged 15 and over can read and write. 70% of adult Ukrainians have a secondary or higher education.
  9. The biggest and the heaviest aircraftwith the highest cargo capacity in the World was constructed in Ukraine and is called AN-225 “Mria” (from Ukrainian – “a dream”). Its length is 84 m, height – 18 m, total cargo capacity – 250 tons.
  10. More than 12 million foreign tourists visit Ukraine each year.
  11. Ukrainecontains around 5% of the worlds’ mineral resources.
  12. Ukraine has the World’s 5th largest and fastest growing IT outsourcing services market in the World. []

Today, Ukraine is a country of hospitality, traditions, fabulous nature, architectural landmarks and friendly people.

National Flag Official language Independence Area Population Capital Currency Life expectancy Actual Time
Ukrainian August, 24th, 1991 603550 km² 44,831,159 (2017) Kyiv Ukrainian Hryvnya (UAH) 64 years (men),
75 years (women

Climate: moderately continental.

Average winter temperature is -8° (+17° F). In the Southern regions average winter temperature is 0° C (+32° F).

Average summer temperature is +25° C (+77° F), although maximum temperature can be more than +35°C (+95° F).

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